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McKinney, TX Probate

The first step in the probate process is when you submit an application for probate. This application must be filed with the proper Texas probate court in the county where the decedent resided. In the city of McKinney, this is Collin County

It is of utmost importance to start the probate process in the correct jurisdiction. Probates filed in the incorrect court will likely be thrown out even after going through all the steps. This is further complicated by each court in Texas having its own set of probate proceedings and qualifications. Before filing, it’s best to consult with an attorney about the county or counties where you feel your probate should be handled.

McKinney Probate Courts

Since the probate process will take place in the county that the decedent resided, McKinney probate cases will be held within Collin County.

Collin County

The information for the Collin County Probate Court can be found below:

How much does McKinney probate cost? How long will it take?

The cost and length of probate can vary significantly depending on a number of factors such as the value and complexities of the estate, the existence of a will and the location of real property owned by the estate. Any contests or disputes with alleged creditors over the debts of the estate can also add significant time and fees.  Common expenses of an estate include executors fees, accounting fees, court fees, appraisal costs, and surety bonds.  Most estates are settled though probate in about 9 to 18 months, assuming there is no litigation involved.

McKinney Probate Attorneys

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