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Dallas County Probate Attorney

Probate Attorney Dallas County

Dallas County has more residents than 13 separate states. It goes without saying, that there are quite a few probate cases handled by the courts in Dallas County. Even more importantly, it means there are a plethora of considerations to make when deciding how to move forward with your specific situation. In order to make sure everything is handled properly, it is important to hire a probate attorney in Dallas.

While Texas probate laws are uniform throughout the state, since each probate case is handled in different Texas counties, it is important to understand the differences in how probate cases are handed in each county.

Dallas County Probate Courts

Similar to other highly populated counties in Texas, Dallas County has dedicated courts that handle probate cases. These courts are referred to as “statutory probate courts” and are handled by probate attorneys in Dallas. Statutory probate courts only hear probate and guardianship cases, as well as cases related to probates and guardianships.

There are three statutory probate courts handled by Dallas probate lawyers:

  • Probate Court #1
    • 1201 Elm Street, 24th Floor, Suite 2400-A. Dallas, TX 75270
    • The Honorable Brenda Hull Thompson
  • Probate Court #2
    • 1201 Elm Street, 22nd Floor, Suite 2200-A. Dallas, TX 75270
    • The Honorable Ingrid M. Warren
  • Probate Court #3
    • 1201 Elm Street, 22nd Floor, Suite 2200-B. Dallas, TX 75270
    • The Honorable Margaret Jones-Johnson

The judges for all three probate courts have agreed to the Dallas County Local Court Rules, but each judge has their own manner of hearing cases and operating their court. What works in one statutory probate court in Dallas County may very well not work in another statutory probate court in Dallas County. Dallas probate lawyers can help you navigate these differences.

What this ultimately highlights is the importance of consulting the local rules and procedures for each court. This is also the reason many individuals opt to hire a Dallas probate attorney who regularly handles cases in the Dallas County probate courts.

The Dallas County Clerk’s Office

The Dallas County Clerk maintains the probate records. If you are searching for probate records, you will find them in the clerk’s office.

The Dallas County Clerk has an official records search tool available to the public where you can view public probate records.

Dallas County Probate Records Search

As mentioned above, you can research most probate records on the Dallas records search tool. If you need records that aren’t listed in the public records search, you may need to visit the clerk’s office to do the search or contact the clerk and have them search the records.

Dallas County Probate Forms

Most Dallas County probate forms can be found on the Dallas County website. This includes forms such as small estate affidavits as well as guardianship forms. Additionally, these forms can also be retrieved from the County Clerk’s office in paper form.

Some forms may not be publicly available online. To inquire about probate forms or records for anything that is not listed online, it is best to consult with the county clerk.

Hire the Best Lawyers in Dallas

We are experienced Dallas probate attorneys who frequently represent clients with sensitive probate matters in Dallas County. We know the Dallas County probate courts, the Dallas County Clerk’s office, and the Dallas County probate rules.

Do you need a probate attorney in Dallas to help with a probate matter, such as an affidavit of heirship, in Dallas County or the surrounding communities? 


Disclaimer:  The content of this website is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice and should not be acted upon without consulting a qualified probate attorney.