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How long does probate take in Texas?

How long does probate take in Texas?

Probate is not a fast process. No two probate cases are exactly the same. Complications often arise. These complications can cause delays. There are other instances when you may want to hold a probate open longer, such as waiting for a minor to become an adult so that they can receive distributions.

Typical Time for Probate in Texas

With that said, it is common for the probate process to take at least seven months in Texas. This seven-month period does not mean that you are actively working on the probate every day. The probate process is better described as a series of tasks where you “do one thing, then wait” as you go through the tasks.

If you want to know more about the seven months, it can be helpful to think of the probate process as two distinct phases. The first phase takes about three months. This phase includes all of the tasks necessary to get you (or someone else) appointed as the executor or administrator. The second phase takes about four months (at minimum). This second phase includes all of the tasks necessary to administer and close the estate.

Consider Alternatives to Probate

If the timing of the probate is a concern, there may be alternatives to probate that you can consider. These alternates are often faster and, in many cases, less expensive.

This may include probating a will as a family settlement agreement, muniment of title, small estate affidavit, affidavits of heirship, or a combination of these options.

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