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11Aftermath of Plano home explosion
Six people were hurt Monday afternoon when a home exploded in a Plano neighborhood, fire officials say. At this time, it’s unknown what caused the explosion at the home on the 4400 block of Cleveland Drive. Whatever the source of the detonation, the home was leveled, debris was scattered for hundreds of feet around and...
11J.L 'Sonny' Williams and Wife
J.L. “Sonny” Williams, a longtime local business leader, Minyard Food Stores president and minority owner of the Dallas Mavericks, died Saturday from esophageal cancer. He was 78. Williams, wife Gretchen Minyard Williams, her sister Liz Minyard and cousin Bob Minyard together built Minyard Food Stores into a billion-dollar business. It was one of the largest...
11Single Coronavirus cell with DNA strands and white blood cells
After dropping to nearly 1,400 patients late last month, COVID-19 hospitalizations are on the upswing in North Texas and across the Lone Star State. Data from the Texas Department of State Health Services released on Tuesday shows that as of July 5 there were 1,746 COVID-19 patients in Texas hospitals. The number is far below...
11Dallas Police Car
Life has a way of surprising you. Unfortunately, the reality is that you can never truly predict what the future holds. One way to ensure you are prepared for any situation is to contact an estate planning attorney to have your affairs in order. Regardless of age or the state of your health, it is...
Unexpected things happen to us everyday. Oftentimes, these occurrences are small — a fender bender or a spilled cup of coffee. Other times, these events can be catastrophic. It is important to be prepared for anything to happen. One of the essential parts of this preparation is having an estate plan. No matter your circumstances,...
11country singer will probate
Having a will in order is an important preparation to undergo no matter your age or the condition of your health. This ensures that your wishes are carried out after you are gone. Unfortunately, there are often cases in which someone will try and pursue legal action to get what they believe is theirs. Such...
11dallas guardianship gavel
On Thursday, June 3rd, it was confirmed that celebrity defense attorney F. Lee Bailey passed away. Bailey, perhaps best known for his participation in the defense of OJ Simpson, died at the age of 87. While it is cited that many considered Bailey to be arrogant and self-centered, others lauded him as one of the...
11Protection through guardianship
When most people hear the term guardianship, they automatically think of the process in relation to minors. However, it is just as important to have a guardianship plan in place for your elderly loved ones. Hiring an attorney skilled in guardianship matters is an essential part of this undertaking. In these cases, there are two...
11corona virus
As of May 21st, Dallas County Health Officials have reported 506 COVID-19 cases and 8 deaths among the fully-vaccinated. It is speculated that these cases come from a newer variant of the virus that is prominent in North Texas. While it is known that the COVID-19 vaccine is not a guarantee against catching the virus,...
As easy as it is to get caught up in the routine of everyday life, the truth is that none of us truly know what tomorrow will bring. This is why it is important to contact an estate planning attorney to have your affairs in order. No matter your age or the condition of your...
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