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11probate evict tenant
The “too good to be true” lease. It’s the month-to-month lease agreement for a friend. It’s the lease that charges below-market rent. What happens to the real estate subject to this type of lease when the owner dies? What should you do if you are the personal representative and this property is part of the...
11notify heirs of probate
Our legal system is based on the idea that each party to a lawsuit should be notified of the suit. This ensures that they can protect their interests or defend themselves against the suit. With probate cases, this involves personally serving citation. This notice process is mentioned in several sections of the Texas Estates Code....
11step mom forced to sell
We should all take the time to prepare an estate plan. This is good advice. It is the type of advice that is often stated by financial planners and general estate planning attorneys. To an estate planning attorney, this advice is too broad and vague to really emphasize when an estate plan is really needed....
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