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Kreig D. Mitchell
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When Clients Talk, We Listen.

Clients want to be more involved in their probate case. They want to know what is happening with their case, what steps need to be completed, and when. Clients also don’t want to pay a probate attorney to take care of routine administrative tasks.

We have created a client portal for these clients. Our client portal is a communication tool that allows us to provide step-by-step instructions, guidance, checklists, etc. for completing the probate process. This client portal provides the ability to effectively communicate with our clients about their case on their terms.

This is just one of the innovations we have implemented to better serve our clients.

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What Our Clients Say

I contacted another attorney prior to contacting this office. I was given outrageous costs for what I felt needed to be done. I was super surprised at not only the cost of service I needed but the extended amount of time that Mr. Mitchell gave me to discuss over the phone pretty detailed and complicated information. I am so thankful for his time and efforts. I’m on a fixed income so I needed someone who would do the job well without costing more than I could pull together. OH, and he let me know we can pretty much do everything over the phone and internet, aside from 1 court visit!! WIN WIN. Thank you SO MUCH Mr. Mitchell, you have no idea the burden you have lifted from my shoulders.

Brenda L.

Very knowledgeable lawyers! Not just they are skilled and proficient people but also their supportive nature makes you comfortable and open to ask anything you are doubtful about. Go ahead with them unhesitatingly!

Joy C.

They are indeed true professionals. With their support at hand, I could process the probate faster and in a more convenient way. You can choose them unhesitatingly for any probate barrier.

Derek B.

They offered an unmatched support for validating the will. I am glad that I put the step forward for validating my father’s will and the attorney from this firm showed remarkable support and yielded positive results.

James B.

Their expertise is of paramount value. They should definitely be looked to for any kind of probate help. They did an amazingly well job for me!!

John S.

Erin was very courteous helpful, explaining everything I Very cooperative! The attorney who looked over my case was very knowledgeable and guided me very well in every detail needed. Thanks for processing probate for me in so less a time.

Rick J.
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